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4801020140 Wabco EBS Trailer Modulator - Does it make sense to rebuild?

4801020140 Wabco EBS Trailer Modulator - Does it make sense to rebuild?

Remanufacturing of the EBS trailer modulator "named" by Wabco to part number 4801020140 below usually fails due to a damaged housing.

Unfortunately, the whole 480102 ... series can be said to get a lot of dirt due to its position mounted on the vehicle.
Especially salt or other chemicals used during the winter will test the life of the aluminum housing.
If it "survives" this period, it is suitable for renovation to the greatest delight of end-users. As this is a relatively expensive unit, we can provide a competitive price to our customers by refurbishing the modulator.

The above applied to end-users, i.e. vehicle owners!

Unfortunately, this no longer applies to retail and wholesale, for the following reasons!

If you buy a new 4801020140 there only the basic parameter files are installed/configured if you like "the unit is down".
After the installation in a workshop, its specific parameters must be set, which can only be carried out in the installed state under real conditions.
Once this is done, the unit will have custom settings that apply only to that particular vehicle.
The settings can be copied later during a possible upgrade (from unit "A" to unit "B"), but in practice, this can only be done for end users. In this case, we can communicate with the modulator and we can also test electrically, and then finally comes the pneumatic test bench run.

Unfortunately, the basic parameter file cannot be set, we cannot "push back" the already trained, trained trailer modulator.

PS .:Wabco has already "snapped" in some places that electronics can become unstable in the vast majority of cases around 700,000km, so there isn't much point in renovating.
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