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Transmissions and Differentials (Truck & Bus)

OEM spare parts
AFTERMARKET replacement parts
REMANUFACTURED transmissions and differentials
We deliver worldwide.

We remanufacture 120+ transmissions yearly (mainly from trucks, busses).
We repair your own automatic, semi-automatic or manual transmission or differential.

Full range of ZF transmissions, ZF-Ecomat, ZF Ecolite, ZF Ecomid, ZF Ecoshift, ZF Ecosplit, ZF AS Tronic, AS Tronic Lite
Eaton Fuller
AT2412C, SR2400 AT2512C, SRO2000, AT2812C, VT2014, ATO3112C, VT2014OD, R1000, VT2514, R1400, VT2514OD, 
R1500, VT1708B, R1700, VT2009B, R1900, VT2214B, SR1400, VT2412B, VT2514B, G8EGS, Geartronic
VTO2214B, SR1900, VTO2514B, VT2814B, SR2000, VTO2814B
Mercedes EPS, MAN, Iveco, Renault, DAF, Scania Opticruise, Volvo I-shift, Steyr

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