Haldex 95620 Caliper Remanufactured by Remot

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      Haldex 95620 Caliper Remanufactured by Remot
      Haldex 95620 Caliper Remanufactured by Remot

      Haldex 95620 Caliper Remanufactured by Remot

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      Haldex Reman brake calipers | OEM standards | TÜV ISO certified

      (with or without return of old unit)

      Proudly serving authorized workshops worldwide.

      Pneumatic brake caliper for Truck, Semi-trailer and Bus

      95620 is a carefully refurbished Haldex brake caliper remanufactured by Remot.eu, specifically designed for use in commercial vehicles. With attention to detail, this reconditioned caliper is virtually indistinguishable from its brand-new counterpart.

      It has undergone a comprehensive restoration process that ensures its performance, reliability, and durability align with the high standards. With an emphasis on maintaining its original quality, the 95620 brake caliper offers a cost-effective solution without compromising safety or functionality. As effective as a new caliper.

      SAFETY first

      Partial repair leads to uncertain results. That is why avoid it.

      We inspect and certify all parts of the brake calipers, virtually re-manufacturing them in our workshop, thereby setting high standards in the industry. All processes for all types of calipers are covered by the acquired quality license, issued by the National Transport Authority and run in compliance with our ISO 9001:2009 quality system, audited by ÉMI-TÜV SÜD.

      Economies of scale: experience, cost advantage, predictability

      Proudly serving public transport companies and truck fleets with several hundreds of vehicles, smaller transport companies, independent workshops, authorized service stations (MAN, Mercedes, Scania, Renault and Volvo among them) and independent spare part dealers.

      We currently export to more than 40 countries.

      Quality Without Compromise

      • Our high quality work starts with the unique cleaning technology. Then, it requires special tools, calibration equipment, qualified and continuously trained professionals, knowledge of factory standards and uncompromised compliance with its strict requirements. To ensure full traceability, we provide our remanufactured brake calipers with a unique identifier, and all parts must pass a functional test carried out on a test bench before leaving our factory.
      • We truly believe that ‘the remanufactured parts must be just as good as the new ones’.
      • Therefore all our remanufactured parts come with 12 month warranty.

      Are you looking for spare parts only?

      Visit our store PartStock.eu to browse through the entire range. The spare parts undergo rigorous testing procedures and are available for same day dispatch from our warehouse located in Dunajska Streda / SK (EU).

      Important notice regarding return of old units

      You are buying a remanufactured truck part and your old unit must be returned at your own cost to our address. Any special arrangements different from that have to be agreed separately in a written form. Otherwise we have to charge an extra fee, which is not included in the standard price shown / quoted. Returned old unit(s) must be in condition according to our standard of acceptance.

      If any doubts ask for clarification before placing an order: info@remot.eu.

      Acknowledgement of trademarks

      Unless otherwise clearly stated you are not buying a genuine new product from us. This truck part has been remanufactured according to factory standards in our workshop.

      This website uses the names, models, product types, part numbers, and other product information associated with the brands of original or non-original manufacturers solely for identification purposes. We clearly emphasize that we are not distributors, dealers or in any other way associated with the mentioned manufacturers and owners of brand name(s).


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