Mercedes kompresszor tömítések - KIS különbség okozhat NAGY bajt

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Mercedes kompresszor tömítések - KIS különbség okozhat NAGY bajt

Mercedes kompresszor tömítések - KIS különbség okozhat NAGY bajt

Mercedes compressor gaskets - SLIGHT difference can cause BIG trouble

This time we wish to assist REMAN specialists working with Mercedes compressors to avoid an easy trap....

Some of the most popular Mercedes engines...

OM 501 is a 12-litre V6 (while OM 502 is V8) engine used in Mercedes Actros and OM457 is an inline 6-cylinder diesel engine (12-litre, too) used in Mercedes-Benz O345 also known as Conecto.

Mercedes_compressor_gaskets_2_1.jpg Mercedes_compressor_gaskets_3_1.jpg

Our main focus this time: air-brake compressors built onto these engines.

OM 501 and 502 is fitted with a compressor that have no separate crankcase (the compressor cylinder liner is placed on the engine block and the compressor crankshaft is inside the engine).

This is actually the reason for not having a part number for the complete unit, as there is no such thing. If needed, separate components must be picked one-by-one.

Both 1 and 2 cylinder versions available:

OM457 has been fitted with a number of different kind of compressors both 1, 2 and 3 cylinder (the latest versions developed by Voith, under reference number LP490 (2 cylinder) and LP700 (3 cylinder) but this time we address the old, conventional type of compressor under reference number 4471302815.


So, where is the trick, after all?

Well, the problem is that the mentioned compressors have very similar gaskets and one may easily switch them, especially if trying to find the repair kits / gaskets by compressor type, which is not identifiable for the OM501/502 engines (reason explained above).

Obviously, if wrong gasket is used, the compressor will not work.

For such cases, our simple guide may come in handy:

OM457 series

4471302815 compressor fitted with cylinder head 4471302815 (our reference GK16409) should use repair kit GK16009.

Mercedes_compressor_gaskets_7_.jpg Mercedes_compressor_gaskets_15_.jpg

OM501-502 series

is a bit more complicated as you will see...

Cylinder head 5411303119 (our reference: GK16405) shall be used with GK16014:

Mercedes_compressor_gaskets_13_.jpg Mercedes_compressor_gaskets_14_.jpg

Cylinder head 5411300719 (our ref: GK16404) shall use GK16003:

Cylinder head without valve plate and gaskets is identified as
5411310619 = 5411310719 = 5411311119 = GK16404B.

The valve plate alone is 5411300620 = GK16003D.

Mercedes_compressor_gaskets_11_1_1.jpg Mercedes_compressor_gaskets_14_.jpg

And finally, the 2 cylinder version, equipped with cylinder heads 5411303619 (our reference: GK16407) shall use GK16005.

Mercedes_compressor_gaskets_11_1_1.jpg Mercedes_compressor_gaskets_8_1.jpg
Mercedes_compressor_gaskets_5 copy.jpg

Unfortunately there's one more version which we couldn't pair with any cylinder head. The repair kit number is GK16002. So be aware, you may encounter this one, too. If you can help us to identify Mercedes number of this kit, you're very much welcome to do so.

Mercedes_compressor_gaskets_11_1_1.jpg Mercedes_compressor_gaskets_14_.jpg

Enclosed the summary of the above for easier understanding (pointing out the differences):