Experience the Power of the Voith LP725 Remanufactured Compressor

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Remanufactured Voith LP725 Air Brake Compressor

What sets us apart from the competition is our expertise – our KNOW HOW – a knowledge base based on many years of experience. Unlike factory-new compressors, our refurbishment service comes at a significantly lower cost with no compromise on quality. Say goodbye to waiting times with our instant exchange service.

At Voith, sourcing the essential parts needed for a refurbishment from the manufacturer is often a challenge. Therefore, we develop and manufacture the specific parts needed to refurbish a Voith LP725 compressor in-house.

LP725 compressors, primarily developed by Voith for buses, are typically installed on engines such as the Mercedes Citaro and Conecto OM470LA.

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Key Part Numbers:

Voith: LP725, 149.00119910, 149.00025107

Mercedes: A0011307815, A4701300615, A4701302415, A4701303415, A4701303515, A4701303615

One of the critical components of the Voith LP725 compressor is the connecting rod, prone to fracture. Our solution? A specially engineered and manufactured connecting rod ensuring prolonged compressor lifespan.

Following disassembly, technological cleansing, and fault diagnosis, we proceed with surface treatment. Then, depending on the repair technique, we install either a new piston and rings set or oversize pistons after cylinder boring and honing.

All other compressor components carefully examined. Accepted components, such as the cylinder head and valve plate, undergo surface grinding. We only use new valves, gaskets, and bearings during reassembly.

The process concludes with pressure testing and individual serial number tagging.

Why Opt for a Refurbished Voith LP725 Compressor?

reduced price

Our remanufactured compressors offer comparable performance to new ones at a significantly reduced price.

Immediate Availability
Immediate Availability

No waiting periods; our refurbished compressors are ready for immediate use.


By choosing refurbishment, you contribute to a more sustainable industry by reducing waste and conserving resources.


Rigorous testing ensures reliability and longevity, backed by our 12-month comprehensive warranty.

Before and after remanufacturing comparison